Early Bird Hybrid 10


Bed in a Box

SKU: ebh10
Brand: Corsicana Bedding


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Hi-Tech™ Cel Cover

Cool and dry sleep surface with a hi-tech fiber finish

Superior moisture wicking and transport for a cleaner cover

Silky soft and conforming while keeping you fresh and dry


High AirFlow™ Cooling Foam

Superior breathability and higher deliver cool, clean, comfortable sleep

Temperature regulation with natural airflow

Moisture wicking and release for a clean fresh sleep surface

Provides ergonomic support and comfort with active response to body weight


CoolingGel™ Memory Foam

Pressure-relieving comfort with responsive feel

Self-contouring foam delivers support where you need it and comfort where you want it

Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam keeps you cool so you sleep better

Perfect embrace of responsive memory foam helps you fall asleep faster


SupportSense™ Comfort Foam

Proprietary engineering with Medium Feel and Firm layered- construction delivers the perfect “feel” desired for comfort with superior firm support

Support and balanced -delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support

Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions


Always CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

Certified foams made without harmful chemicals or heavy metals


IsoCore™ Support System

Ergonomically supports the body and reduces partner disturbance with responsive individual coil movement

Edge Zoning delivers support, better stability and consistency edge-to-edge

High coil counts give customized supports and built in durability

Dynamic stress relieved wire coil support body weight and spring back to original shape after use

Open design ensure airflow and breathability delivers natural temperature regulation and more efficient heat transfer

Profile: 10"
Comfort Feel: Medium Firm
Ergonomic Support: More comfort with dynamic pressure relief
Ergonomic Support: Cradles, comforts and provides balanced ergonomic spinal support
Ergonomic Support: Provides consistent support edge-to-edge
Perfect Temperature: Cooling gel technology keeps you comfortable
Perfect Temperature: Stay cool and fall asleep faster with faster body heat dissipation
Perfect Temperature: Sleep longer in comfort with constant airflow
Motion Isolation: Less disturbance and more peaceful sleep between sleep partners
Motion Isolation: Relaxing, calm sleep
Motion Isolation: More comfort and less motion with contouring foams and gels
Breathability & Cleaner Sleep: Next generation comfort with moisture wicking Tex-Cel cover
Breathability & Cleaner Sleep: Clean, dry sleep
Warranty: 10 Years